The first 1B token on BTTC

Wish Me Luck

WML is all about user engagement and fun, driven by luck, from launch to deployment. Winner in DeFi track of Tron Hackathon season 5.


The idea

Wish Me Luck is a community project driven by luck. At the heart of the project is the WML token, deployed on Bittorrent chain. Every step of the project will be initiated by users and their luck.

Liquidity raising and launch through the first FairLuckPad. Contribute to the launch and get up to 200% tokens

After launch the Luck Dispenser will distribute WML to lucky users. Everyone can participate to distribution and be rewarded with instant WML returns and 3 great jackpots: Bronze, Silver and Gold

The project goal is to create the first 1B$ token on BTTC. The project utility is none, just the fun to break the 1B$ barrier.

Fair Luckpad

  • - Launch ended December 1st
  • - True fairlaunch (all users buy at the same base price)
  • - Luck factor up to 200% during launch (you can get up to 2x the tokens)
  • - 5B BTT soft cap
  • - Over 8.4B BTT raised
  • - 141% average user luck
  • - Verified contract (view on BTTC scan)
  • - No contract owner, No new minting ever, No hidden fees
  • - 60% of liquidity to LP, 40% for incentives and buyback
  • - Launchpad participants will be able to redeem the tokens starting Dec 4th on FAIR LUCKPAD
Total supply (fixed)
To distribution contract
99.9 %
To fair launch
0.1 %
Launch users
625000 WML
LP liquidity
265724 WML

Luck Dispenser

The success of WML project depends on the token distribution to as many lucky users as possible. To do it the Luck Dispenser comes into play. How it works? Users need to interact with the dApp and trigger the token distribution giving a contribute of their choice (min 100k BTT, max 25M BTT). As an incentive the user will be rewarded with an instant WML reward, up to 200% of the contribute. Furthermore each user has the opportunity to win one the 3 great BTT jackpots: Bronze, Silver or Gold. The size of the contribute determines the jackpots the user can win. Everyone plays for Bronze, >1M BTT plays for Bronze and Silver, >5M BTT plays for Bronze, Silver and Gold. The winning opportunities are: 1 in 7 for Bronze, 1 in 23 for Silver and 1 in 97 for Gold. A 10% fee on the jackpots won goes to fund the treasury wallet.

Get your WML

Trading on WML is possible on Just Money DEX and crosschain swap